• Warranty Information

Warranty Information
SPARKLE provides warranty for brand new SPARKLE (own design) graphics cards purchased thru our authorized distributors and sellers. For more details, please kindly contact our local distributors and sellers where you purchase.
The warranty is valid starting from the original purchase date (verified through invoice) and only valid to the ORIGINAL owner. The warranty cannot be transferred if the product is to be resold or has switched ownership.
In order to qualify for the warranty, all the conditions under “Terms & Conditions” must be met.  

  • Terms & Conditions:
    RMA service and warranty will ONLY be provided for brand new or refurbished products purchased.
  • Customers must be a CURRENT RESIDENT of the request.
  • An official invoice must be provided (in order for an invoice to be considered “official”) the invoice must include:
    • Name & address of the company customer purchased from.
    • Date of purchase.
    • Name & address of customer.
    • Billing name & address of customer.
    • Model name & price of the product.
  • If the graphics card BIOS is not the manufacturer default version and/or has been either altered or changed, the warranty will be void.
  • Removal and/or damaging of serial number sticker(s) on the back of the product will VOID all warranties. SPARKLE products sent in for RMA must be free of any improper use, including but not limited to physical damage from dropping, improper installation, or modification of any kind (this includes installing aftermarket cooling solutions). The warranty WILL BE VOID if the product has been damaged or altered.
  • Products sent in for RMA will only be REPLACED with another product of EQUAL OR GREATER IN PERFORMANCE (based on availability).
  • Only send in the defective product. Please keep all accessories.
  • The warranty only covers the ORIGINAL owner of the product and may not be transferred thru resale or other methods.
  • SPARKLE will NOT provide shipping labels for incoming RMA. We pay for return shipping once the RMA is completed.
  • SPARKLE will NOT ship to P.O. Box or APO/Military addresses.
  • To insure your product DOES NOT GET DAMAGED during transit. Please be sure to secure and wrap the defective card with either foam or bubble wrap to avoid any physical damage. Failure to do so may result in the warranty being voided for card damage.
  • RMA service can be rejected and shipped back to you at your own cost if the wrong or no document is attached.
  • Please allow up to fourteen (14) business days for your RMA service (Not including shipping time).